TAL’S Red Light Therapy Oral Health Dental Device 2.0 NEW 32 Lights!

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TAL’S Red Light Therapy Oral Health Dental Device 2.0 NEW 32 Lights! | Immediate Relief of Tooth Pain & Gum Sensitivity | Promotes Healing of Tissue & Bone | Helps reduce Inflammation & Helps Receding Gums OUR BRAND NEW: TAL’S Red Light Therapy Oral Health Dental Device 2.0 with 32...

TAL’S Red Light Therapy Oral Health Dental Device 2.0 NEW 32 Lights! | Immediate Relief of Tooth Pain & Gum Sensitivity | Promotes Healing of Tissue & Bone | Helps reduce Inflammation & Helps Receding Gums

  • OUR BRAND NEW: TAL’S Red Light Therapy Oral Health Dental Device 2.0 with 32 Lights! Our Original had 16 Lights. Immediate Relief of Tooth Pain and Gum Sensitivity. It Promotes Healing of Tissue and Bone. As well as helps reduce Inflammation and Helps Receding Gums.
  • THIS IS AN ORAL TREATMENT REMEDY TO END THE TORTURE: Suffering from oral pain is horrible. It leads to headaches & overall discomfort, threatening your productivity & lifestyle. Shine a light on that pain & end it now. Take control with TAL’S Oral Care Light Therapy system, a non-invasive treatment for soothing, gentle oral relief in as little as 3 minutes to 5 minutes per session. Up to 3 sessions a day.
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY TEETH WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY: Stop relying on over-the-counter treatments that don’t work and instead do everything possible to maintain great oral health. TAL’S Red Light Oral Therapy device is truly revolutionary, using advanced LED engineering to combat tooth pain and promote the healing of tissue and bone - without digesting harmful chemicals.
  • TAKE CARE OF THE HARMFUL ORGANISMS & FRESHEN YOUR BREATH: Harmful microorganisms jeopardize your overall health by producing breeding grounds for periodontal and gum disease, allowing for infections and cavities to run rampant in your mouth. TAL’S safe and effective red light therapy helps to regenerate your gum line and control the harmful bacteria, that threaten your winning smile, BY ALLOWING THE "GOOD GUYS" TO FLOURISH!
  • ALWAYS BE READY TO FIGHT THE PAIN: Halt the damage and make your teeth mighty and powerful no matter where you are. Toss the portable kit in your bag and always be ready to fight the pain immediately. Sitting in traffic with a terrible toothache? Plug the red-light device in & treat– instant relief.

It is time to introduce TAL'S Red Light Oral Health Device into your daily oral care routine!

There are numerous studies that prove the effectiveness of red-light therapy products in oral care.

From tooth sensitivities to toothaches, reduction in oral bacteria that causes tooth decay, cavities, root canal infections, inflammation, bleeding gums, and most of these oral conditions can cause the gums to recede. TAL'S oral care products are extremely helpful with thrush and yeast buildup on your tongue and in your mouth.

Red Light therapy has been proven to promote healing of tissue and bone by increasing blood flow and circulation deep in the tissue. And by improving circulation more oxygen and nutrients are brought into the cells, causing a rapid healing environment. If that is not amazing on its own, red-light therapy banishes the bad bacteria allowing the good bacteria to go to work for you in the most efficient way.

It is amazing for everyone! From teens to adults and senior citizens. If it is your own teeth or implants! Really great for braces and Invisalign wearers too!

TAL'S Red Light Oral Health Device is a non-invasive solution that can help you take care of your oral hygiene effectively. As a revolutionary red light therapy product, this device can make your gums healthy and get sparkling white teeth with regular use over an extended period of time.

From tooth sensitivities to gum diseases. Bacteria can cause huge problems and severe health issues. Receding gums, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss and even heart disease. Our red-light oral therapy device promotes bone health and reduces oral bacteria, ensuring that your dental health remains in check and, if needed, improves. We offer the best red light therapy products on the market for oral health that are easy to use and really effective.

The best part? You can use this device while watching your favorite shows on Netflix, replying to emails or listening to podcasts. It's just that simple!

Please rinse the mouth part with a tiny bit of dish soap and wash well with water before your first use, making sure the cable does not get wet. Please repeat after every use.

We recommend you use our device twice to three times daily for 10-20 minutes MAX per treatment. Preferably after flossing and brushing your teeth. PLEASE: Do NOT use mouthwash nor any alcohol-based, hydrogen peroxide disinfecting agents on our devices.

Our device is amazing as presents. Stocking stuffers, birthdays, holidays and "just because I love you and I care" gifts.

You can find our products on: GreatHealthyLife.com

If any issues arise with our device, please reach out in an email so we can help.

Here's To Your Great Healthy Life, From Us ALL Here at TAL’S. We LOVE You!

Our device is FCC and CE certified. And is 3rd party tested and proven to be an authentic red light therapy device peaking at 635NM. The optimum wavelength for healing.

Fun Fact: Tal is 49 years old, and her jaw line is chiseled, and facial skin is tight. She uses her own skin care line from 1997 improving it along the years, and never wears makeup. Her skin tightness and firmness has dramatically improved over the past years using her red-light oral therapy product. A very welcomed side effect is collagen production promoted by her red-light oral care device as well as naturally white teeth without the bleaching, toxic and harmful chemicals used in teeth whitening treatments these. And without the gum sensitivity added. A clear Win Win!

Many of our customers report tooth pain and sensitivity reduced and eliminated within hours and days of use! Some report cavities not there and saving a tooth from being pulled out due to infections and such.

This product is incredible. Place your order before the stock runs out!

Here’s To Your GreatHealthyLife.com,
From Us ALL Here at TAL’S!
We LOVE You!

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