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Finding pain relief, feeling great and Living well, with severe health issues. You can do it too!

Hi All!

My name is Tal.

I am a very proud single mom to an amazing son, a nutrition and wellness consultant, formulator of prebiotics and probiotics nutritional supplements, and a gourmet personal chef.

I have Crohns, Celiac (a serious autoimmune disease characterized by a severe reactions to the gluten protein) and EOE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) that are in complete remission!

I am not going to get too deep into make medical claims. This is my story!

Life before I created and started using Feel Alive, Come Alive, and the rest of my mineral and vitamin supplement products, consisted of me in a lot of intense pain and constantly in the bathroom, lot's of hospital visits, medical tests, and doctor appointments. I fainted a lot, had extremely low blood pressure (80/50), was white as a ghost, and always felt drained.

This whole thing started while I was serving in the army(IDF). I was in the hospital and on medical leave for about 11 1/2 months out of the year and 10 months that I served. I guess the food I chose to eat there made me sicker and sicker.

At 24, I was diagnosed with Celiac and severe allergies to dairy. Taking gluten and dairy out of my diet was not enough. Only at the age of 40 did I find out I had crohns and EOE as well!

With these "hidden" details, now revealed, I changed my limited diet even more. It is then that I was made aware that the vitamins and supplements I was taking, for years, were not working for me. I was so low in certain vitamins and minerals and needed to find a way to make them tailored for my needs.

This is where Feel Alive came to life! The mineral supplement made me feel energized and the name was given.

Next, came the idea to make my own D3 supplement. I was really deficient in this one, even though I was taking 5000IUs of it by a huge brand named vitamin supplement company for 5 years! I added vitamin K2 to it because it helps place the calcium in the places the body needs it in. I added Turmeric, parsley, and lycopene to remedy inflammation and promote healing.

God only knows just how much my body needed it. And still does.

I started feeling dramatic changes for the better within weeks. I felt better and better by the day, was not in the bathroom as much and the pain I had was more and more tolerable. After a few months I had a colonoscopy done and it showed improvement. The year after I was told that I am in complete remission.

The EOE I have was treated with steroids for a full year. After eliminating more foods from my diet following a DNA allergy test I was taken off the steroids and am now feeling very good for a person with all the medical issues I have!

As of now I am told by my doctors that I am the healthiest sick person they know. I totally credit this to my products that have helped me feel alive and come back to life!

My doctor said that I should bottle my formulations up and offer them to the world.

So here we are, going strong from 2009, helping thousands of amazing customers so far!

In my line you will find products I have formulated that have dramatically changed my life for the better! What I will not put in my body, I will not put on my body.

That being said: Everything is: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanut free, and much more...

My vitamin supplements are manufactured in an FDA supervised lab, right here in the good old USA!

They are made with non-synthetic, organic ingredients

and are in liquid form, whenever possible, to allow the very best absorption...

Not just for sick people! Also, for maintaining great health.

Here's to Your Great Healthy Life!

From Us ALL Here at TAL’S!

We LOVE You!

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