Why You Need a pH Balancing Supplement

We all know that plenty of harmful bacteria out there make us sick now and then. However, there are also many good bacteria that your body needs to function well and remain healthy. When you all sick, it’s the harmful bacteria doing its work. However, when you start feeling better, it’s the good bacteria helping your body get rid of harmful bacteria. Good bacteria also help you balance out the pH and is often administered in probiotics.

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What are probiotics?


You’ve probably heard of the term probiotics being frequently used in conjunction with your digestive health. However, these are just as important as other vitamins and supplements that you take. Probiotics are tiny organisms that can significantly improve our overall health and keep the digestive system working well. In short, you consume bacterial to keep your internal gut environment well-balanced and functional. These bacteria are taken in the form of supplements. They’re also an essential ingredient of fermented food such as yogurt and kimchi.


pH balance in women and vaginal probiotics


The term pH stands for potential hydrogen and is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. The pH levels tell you how acidic, neutral, or alkaline something is. Just like the chemicals you see in a lab, your body also comprises a variety of substances whose pH levels vary. You need to maintain these pH levels so your body remains healthy at all times. Let’s discuss this in the light of the female reproduction system.


Your vagina is surrounded by a very delicate ecosystem that functions at its best if the pH levels are between 3.8 and 4.5 (acidic). However, factors like menopause, UTIs, sperm ejaculation, menopause, yeast infection, and bacteria can alter the pH levels and disrupt the natural ecosystem.


The only way to overcome the condition and maintain a healthy vaginal ecosystem is to take the right kind of pH-balancing probiotics. A specific type of lactobacillus may be helpful in doing so. This type of bacterial strain produces lactic strain and raises the acidity level of your vagina. As a result, the production strengthens vaginal mucus and helps it ward off harmful pathogens.



The difference between vaginal probiotics and gut probiotics


Gut probiotics do to your gut exactly what vaginal probiotics do to your vaginal—help maintain a healthy and optimal ecosystem. However, there are already thousands of bacteria that exist in your gut since this is where all the food breakdown takes place. Taking more of the pH balancing probiotics evens out the digestion process and keeps your digestive tract healthy. On the other hand, your vagina contains different strains of Lactobacillus beneficial bacteria. Probiotics in the gut help strengthen the gut lining to prevent bad bacteria from your food from entering the bloodstream.


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