Vitamin D Deficiency: How Does it Affect Your Health?

Have you been feeling disinterested, lethargic, and extremely tired for a couple of days? If your answer is yes, you might have a vitamin D deficiency. Even though vitamin D deficiencies are extremely rare, they are still a possible health risk in several people.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that helps absorb and activate vitamin C deposits in your body and uses them accordingly to provide nutritional value. Numerous cells in your body act as receptors for vitamin D, making it easier to benefit maximum parts of your body. Subsequently, if you have a vitamin D deficiency, your body will more likely suffer because of it.

While treatments and nutritional supplements help cope with the deficiencies, they may take time and have adverse health effects. There are several ways the absence of vitamin D affects your health; let’s take a look at how vitamin D deficiency affects your overall health.

Let’s begin!

Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Suffering from cardiovascular diseases can be extremely stressful and painful. Even though modern science has come up with several medical procedures that remedy the situation, it is still better to delay or prevent the development altogether. Vitamin D is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it may help with reducing inflammation in the arteries.

Not getting enough vitamin D will mean that there are higher chances of cardiovascular diseases in a person with low vitamin D levels.

Cognitive Impairment in Adults


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Vitamin D provides the necessary nutrients to maintain cognitive health. However, if there is a prevalent deficiency, older adults will experience cognitive impairment. One way to remedy this would be to have a large intake of vitamin D supplements to ensure your eyes get enough nutrients to avoid diseases, including cataracts.

Weakens the Immune System

Maintaining your health becomes twice as hard if your immune system isn’t up to the mark. Experiencing a vitamin D deficiency will even make coping with common diseases difficult. People with lower vitamin D levels will experience recurrent common colds, fevers and develop more allergies than ever before. Some vitamin D-rich nutritional supplements may help regain some vitamin D for a better immune system.

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