The Importance of pH Balance for Your Body

 On a pH scale ranging from 0 to 14, zero is highly acidic, and 14 is highly alkaline. Our body operates optimally at around 7.35-7.4 pH, maintained through vital excretory and exchange mechanisms. Our lungs and kidneys play a significant role in this function, i.e. homeostasis.

A balanced pH level can ensure your enzymes perform chemical reactions that enable vital bodily processes, and bodies are made to maintain this balance naturally.

pH balance is necessary for the body to carry out various functions. If the pH in the body gets disturbed, our enzymes will not function, and we can develop risk factors for multiple diseases.

Causes of pH Imbalance

Various factors can lead to a pH imbalance in the body; for example, an improper diet can cause a pH imbalance, so can various diseases and improper functioning of kidneys and lungs.

Stress is another major cause of pH imbalance in the body. The constant release of the stress hormone can lead to inflammation and stop homeostasis. Being exposed to toxins may also lead to pH imbalances.


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Now let's look into why a balanced pH is important for your body.

To Prevent Alkalosis

Alkalosis occurs when the blood’s pH becomes unnaturally alkaline. Here are the four types of alkalosis:

  • Respiratory alkalosis occurs due to breathing issues.
  • Metabolic alkalosis occurs due to excessive vomiting, laxatives, or alcohol abuse.
  • Hypochloremic Alkalosis results from the decline of chloride in the body due to vomiting or excessive sweating.
  • Hypokalemic alkalosis occurs due to a decrease in the body's potassium levels.

To Prevent Acidosis     

When our body fluids become too acidic, the condition is known as Acidosis. There are several kinds of Acidosis, each of them can be triggered by a different set of problems. For example, respiratory Acidosis occurs when our body cannot adequately flush carbon dioxide out. Lactic Acidosis occurs when there’s buildup of lactic acid in the cells and blood due to disease, diet or strenuous activity.

pH imbalances can be treated by maintaining a good diet and overall health. This includes consuming less acidic foods, working out, and managing stress. You can also consider using pH balancing supplements or pH balancing vitamins that help maintain the body maintain pH balance.

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