Sleep Hygiene: Why It’s Important

Sleep is one of our basic needs. Adequate sleep is vital for a healthy body and mind; therefore, not sleeping enough is detrimental to our health.

More than 60% of adults say that they don’t get enough sleep during the week. There might be several reasons for that. Focusing on your sleep hygiene is one of the ways you can ensure a good night’s sleep.

People with sleep deprivation use regular medication to help them sleep, which can harm their health.

Using organic products such as our hemp-derived CBD Sweeter Dreams can help you get the sleep you crave without any harmful effects. 

 What Is Sleep Hygiene?

Healthy sleep hygiene means having routines set up in a way to promote better quality sleep. Furthermore, how you set up your bedroom is equally as critical as your routines. Having a sleep-friendly atmosphere with comfortable mattresses and pillows is crucial for proper sleep.

 A relaxing night-time ritual and healthy habits during the daytime are critical factors in ensuring healthy sleep hygiene.

 Since, every human being is different, their sleep patterns differ too. It'ss crucial to discover what works best for you and tailor your sleep hygiene rituals accordingly.

Why Is Sleep Hygiene Important?

Sleep hygiene contributes to sufficient sleep; therefore, it's crucial to develop healthy habits to promote good sleep.

 During sleep, your body undertakes a lot of healing functions, such as replenishing energy. Lack of sleep disrupts these functions, which is why you feel worse on days when you have had less sleep.

 People may argue that they function effectively with just a couple of hours of sleep; however, this is not true. Experts recommend that adults need at least 7-10 hours of sleep.

 You reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart diseases by sleeping correctly. Moreover, good sleep hygiene is effective in countering the problems of insomnia.

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     Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene

    To start, put yourself in the best possible shape to have a good night’s sleep each night. You can do this by doing a lot of things.

     Optimize your sleep schedule. Having a pre-set schedule helps you organize the rest of your day. Having a fixed sleep and wake-up time will ensure that you get enough sleep during the night.

     Don’t overdo your naps during the day. Even though naps are a great way to restore your energy, overdoing them can affect your night’s sleep. Therefore, it is crucial to limit your naps in such a way so that they don’t affect your night sleep.

     Having a good bedroom atmosphere also contributes to a decent sleep. Having dim lights and comfortable bedding helps create a sleepy environment.

     Last but most importantly, keep your cell phone away. Nothing can affect your sleep more than excessive use of your cellphone or the sound of buzzing text messages.

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