Signs Your Body’s pH Levels Are Off

You will feel a sense of ease when you are hormone and pH balanced. In addition, your energy level, mood, and digestion will improve. You might feel a bit off when your pH levels are out of balance, which means that your body isn't functioning at its best. Your health and happiness will improve long-term if you main the pH level of your body. Here are some signs that you may not be maintaining the pH level of your body.

Foods that contain certain pH


Weak Bones

An imbalanced pH level could be due to frequent injuries and falls, indicating that your bones have become weaker. Our bodies will leach alkalizing minerals from our bones to compensate for too much acidity. As a result, they will become weaker. Consider taking calcium supplements to prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis, which result in low bone density.

Low Energy

Fatigue that suddenly appears could be caused by a pH imbalance. Due to pH issues, the body will have difficulty absorbing nutrients and minerals. Lack of absorption of minerals and nutrients will result in less generation of energy for our body.  You can improve your nutrient balance if you feel extra fatigued by eating more nutrient-rich foods.

Best pH above 7



Stress is undoubtedly a bad thing, but sometimes it nonetheless appears without any proper reason. Stress imposes great pressure on both your body and mind, affecting your ability to function effectively. Poor diet or stress can both lead to compromised pH balances. You may experience health complications and hormonal imbalances if you are stressed out. Leaving stress unattended can cause health problems because of its many negative effects on the body. However, you can try various exercises and mediations to minimize stress.

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