Insomnia: What Causes it?

Insomnia could be both physical and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia is a general state of sleeplessness that isn't linked to a medical condition. Secondary insomnia s sleeplessness that results from an underlying health condition—both physical and mental.

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If you're having trouble sleeping well at night, you're not online. Sleep disorders are common in the US, affecting as many as 50 to 70 million US adults. Although sleep deprivation can significantly affect your relationships and work productivity, the condition is treatable! All you need to do is figure out the triggers and seek help!


Here are some of the causes:



Stress is one of the most common triggers behind a sleepless night. If you're constantly worried about meeting your deadlines, keeping up with relationships, or dealing with too much at the same time, it's normal to feel stressed out. In such a case, individuals tend to continue thinking of their problems right before going to sleep, making it harder for them to break the cycle of insomnia. 


At the same time, your body responds to stress and creates a sense of hyperarousal. This goes for both physical and mental stress. These individuals are said to have a higher response to sleep reactivity. 


Unhealthy habits 


The food you take in also plays an integral part in how well you're able to sleep. If you have your meals late at night or work late, your routine probably doesn't support your sleeping schedule. Similarly, if you're sleeping throughout the day, it tends to confuse your body's natural clock and makes it hard for it to establish a healthy sleep routine. Skip napping later in the afternoon if you want to sleep well at night. At the same time, don't make your brain feel stimulated by playing video games later in the evening. It also contributes to insomnia. 


Consuming too much caffeine and nicotine throughout the day is also a major contributing factor. Most individuals assume that consuming alcohol will help them sleep better since it's a sedative. This isn't true. Alcohol leads to non-restorative and fragmented sleeping episodes and disturbs your cycle even further. Another thing you need to avoid is eating spicy and heavy meals later in the evening. These are difficult to digest and may generate sleeping problems. 


Mental health problems 


Dealing with conditions like bipolar disorders, depression, and anxiety can also lead to sleeping problems. Constantly having negative thoughts and feeling mentally aroused all the time can keep you awake at night. Consequentially, insomnia can further aggravate mood disorders and anxiety disorders. In extreme cases, this could also lead to an increased risk of suicide.


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