7 Foods to Add to your diet ASAP!

Having a balanced diet is crucial to maintain your physical and mental health. A well-balanced diet can give the essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals your body needs for optimum function.

 Furthermore, eating well can help you avoid illnesses, boost physical energy, improve bodily functions and maintain weight. Eating healthy can help you prevent heart diseases which are the leading cause of death in the United States.

 If you are looking to develop a healthy diet plan, here are some foods you need for your diet

Extra-virgin Olive Oil and Herbs

This healthy fat is full of antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation in the body. It also reduces the risk of any chronic illnesses by preventing damages caused to cells by free radicals. You can use olive oil in various foods. Drizzle it over your salad; instead of dressing, top it over your protein and vegetables, especially fish. It’s a brilliant condiment with your main meals. 


Consuming herbs can help prevent heart diseases and cancer. You can use them in a variety of ways. Season your protein with herbs or use mint in your water. Use appropriate amounts of black pepper or paprika to add a bit of zest to your vegetables.

Whole Grains

These carbohydrates are good for your health. Whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, and quinoa helps reduce your high cholesterol levels and decrease cardiovascular diseases.

Fruits and Vegetables

Having a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. All fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them the fundamentals of a healthy diet.

picture showing a fresh fruit dessert


Fish is a healthy source of protein. Omega-3, an essential fat your body needs, comes from salmon, trout, and mackerel. Make sure you have adequate amounts of fish in your diet—fats from fish help reduce inflammation in the body.

Dry Fruits

Mixed nuts and seeds are not only delicious but are super healthy as well. Nuts are a popular snack option amongst people who look to avoid processed foods. These foods are rich in nutrients such as fiber, unsaturated fats, and protein. Some nuts have been found to help control blood and cholesterol levels as well.

Raw Honey

If you are a sweet lover, this is the perfect alternative. Raw honey has a lot of benefits. It has antibacterial properties and acts as an antioxidant as well. It can help cure a sore throat and can help your stomach ache.

Dark Chocolate

Consuming an adequate amount of dark chocolate is healthy for your body. Don’t overdo it, as over-eating can have adverse effects. Dark chocolate is enriched with antioxidants and minerals. There is research thatsuggests that it may help your brain to function better and avoid cardiovascular diseases.

Add Supplements To Your Diet

Having a balanced diet is crucial; however, it may be hard for everyone to maintain one strictly. Therefore, you can add supplements to your diet. Head over to our product range to find various supplements that can boost your health and well-being.


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