K2 Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamins D + K2: The Perfect Pair

Vitamin D and vitamin K2 have both been widely recognized for the nutritional value they add to our diets. They’re considered to be among the most essential vitamins needed for both children and adults, and are especially beneficial for calcium absorption. In recent years, however, there has been a shift toward combining vitamins D and K2 to extract maximum health benefits instead of using the two separately. This has been made possible by vitamin D and K2 supplements that can be easily incorporated into our diets and daily routines.

So, what makes vitamin D and vitamin K the perfect pair? How do the two work together to provide maximum benefits?

The fat-soluble nutrients facilitate the calcium absorption process in the body. Vitamin D helps maintain the required calcium levels in the blood by enhancing calcium absorption from food sources as well as by extracting calcium from the bones. While the vitamin plays an important role in maintaining the blood calcium levels, it doesn’t regulate calcium supply within the body.

This is where vitamin K2 comes in the picture. It’s responsible for bone calcification, a process that boosts the accumulation of calcium in the bones. Vitamin K2 also decreases the calcification of soft tissues, preventing calcium from accumulating there instead of the bones.

In short, vitamin D ensures that calcium is absorbed easily into the bloodstream, and vitamin K2 ensures that calcium is integrated into the bones by activating the protein Osteocalcin. Together, vitamins D and K2 maintain an adequate supply of calcium within the body.

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