2000 IU Vitamin D Supplement

The Many Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also called the "Sunshine Vitamin", is a highly important nutrient. It’s best known for its role in maintaining and encouraging calcium and phosphorous absorption, thereby boosting the immune system. While vitamin D is undeniably important for accelerating the growth and development of your bones and teeth, it also has several other health benefits. This is why many individuals turn to vitamin D supplements to boost their body’s intake of the coveted vitamin.

Vitamin D supplements are especially helpful for individuals who are struggling with weight loss. Studies have shown that including vitamin D supplements in their daily routine can help individuals lose more weight than they would without them. Vitamin D has an appetite suppressing effect which makes it easier for individuals to stick to a specific diet or avoid succumbing to food cravings.

Vitamin D is also said to help prevent and fight a number of medical conditions. Research has shown that increasing your intake of vitamin D supplements can reduce your risk of getting heart disease and multiple sclerosis. Adding these supplements to your diet can also prevent the onset of the common cold or flu.

Research has also indicated that vitamin D plays a significant role in regulating a person’s mood. Studies conducted on the effect of vitamin D on mental health have shown that individuals struggling with depression noticed an improvement in their wellbeing after receiving vitamin D supplements regularly. Research has also shown that vitamin D deficiency is common among individuals struggling with depression and anxiety.

Experts recommend that adults should at least get a dosage of 600-800 IU of vitamin D on a regular basis. However, higher dosages ranging up to 2,000 IU are recommended for individuals with a vitamin D deficiency or related health concerns. Taking 2,000 IU of vitamin D tablets daily can help you combat an array of health conditions and boost your overall wellness significantly.

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